About Us

Hi, I’m Basil, I’m not the oldest alpaca in our family but I’m my humans favourite! I’m the biggest and most lovable she says!

Orlando is our herd leader even though he is not the eldest, he’s more confident, we trust him to check things out first! He’s the fawn coloured alpaca. Zircon is the smaller brown boy and Blitzen is the dark multi coloured Alpaca who is very relaxed.

Our main human is Rach. She has this special way of talking to us and making us feel safe because sometimes we get very scared and want to run away. Rach says it’s easy to talk to us calm and quiet like because she’s had lots of training in the Montessori method of teaching children and Montessori classrooms are calm and quiet too!

She’s been a teacher since she finished her schooling and she loved working with children. She’s retired from teaching in the classroom now, but told us we could help her teach children (and adults) in a different way! Rach is very excited about having alpacas, and she says we’re her very special alpaca pals. Rach first saw an alpaca on a trip to Australia. She fell in love with alpacas because we are so beautiful and majestic and calming and have the longest eyelashes she’s ever seen! She gets so much joy out of being around us and she wants to share that with you!